28 May 2010


So I think everyone has gathered that I work for Goodwill. My office is connected to a retail store, and I've been digging through the coat section looking for a military jacket that isn't 9XL or camouflage pretty much everyday since I posted about this little gem of a collection and saw Gisele all officered-up (I'm allowed to make up words here) lookin like KL in Vogue. No such luck.
I think my problem is that I can't get past not owning most utterly perfect military-inspired jacket available to woman:

Marc Jacobs Military Jacket with Frill Detail, $2,351.02

I mean really guys, you can't beat it. YOU CAN'T. How is a girl supposed to find a coat even up to half of those standards? If I had the jacket, I would pair it with tiny little khaki shorts like Gisele's, nude or cream sheer knee socks and either a short boot with a super high heel or nude heels. Ta-da!

P.S. Why is this called Michellitary you ask? My lovely lady friend Michelle told me last night that I don't post enough, so this is post #2 for today, all for you sister!

Xo Rah

PRADA POSTCARDS: Clearly it's Time for a Vote

"Prada has launched six pairs of sunglasses as part of the “POSTCARDS” series for the spring/summer 2010. The acidulated and acetated crystal glasses are the famous plexi-neon which is in vogue this season."

Blah Blah Blah all you need to know is that I'm getting these glasses. I saw the campaign, made some calls and figured out how I am going to get them.

The only question is do I want the green (Forte Dei Marmi), the pink (Santa Monica) or the clear (Biarritz)?

Original knee-weakening ad:

Am I incorrect in believing that these are the glasses that our buckwild buddy Beyoncé is wearing in the last photo here? THIS IS TRUE LOVE GUYS!

Color Choices:

I'm leaning towards the clear, but probably just because she's wearing them in the ad. Plus, I love how they look with that orange lipstick and it looks just like the MAC "Morange" lipstick I bought yesterday.

You can see the rest of the color choices here

VOTE VOTE VOTE for the color you like on the top right corner of my blog, you can't miss it. I can't wait to see what everyone picks!

Xo Rah

05 May 2010

Why Don't You Love Me (Enough to Give Me Everything You Wore in this Video)?

Have you seen this?

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

When did Beyoncé get so fierce BUCKWILD???!

I think the song is kind of boring and extremely repetitive, but the styling in this video is KILLER. B should definitely try to keep this look up.

Favorite things time:

'60s eye make-up featuring a guest appearance by liquid eye-liner tears

this swimsuit (really though, why don't you love her?)

ginormous chunky rings and robin egg blue nails

floral (maybe D&G?) lingerie

this wig, THOSE BANGS

giant broach on her hat with an honorable mention for the cat eye shades

and finally, the clear cat eye glasses, I would love to own those

Does anyone know who did the styling on this video? If I ever get $rich$ I'm going to hire them to buy all my bedroom clothes.

Xo Rah

03 May 2010

Again Girls, What's My Weakness?

MIU MIU! Yep, as some guessed, my major shoe news was that I got a slightly different (and less expensive) version of my bubblegum wonderheaven dream shoes.
They're navy and white satin and did I mention GLORIOUS?

Shout out to Miss Rachel Briggs for playing "Yo, Sarah I spied those at Nordstrom's on Michigan Avenue yesterday" with me. I owe you one (or five)!

Howard waiting for his turn to try them on. I keep telling him they don't come in puppy sizes but he's been scouring Shopstyle.com for them anyways.

Now I just need these and these and I'll never want anything again.

Or for a few days.

(See more about this look at my Lookbook.nu)

Xo Rah