26 January 2010

December 2009 Wrap-Up

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Christmas through New Year's Eve of this year, starting with our Christmas Party...

Megan was so cute and pregnant at our party, I'll bet the first thing her baby learns is how to dance.

Lane and I; She was looking hot in her leggings and cut of jean shorts with the HIGHEST heels ever, per usual. I was in one of my favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs skirts from a few seasons back with an nude AA leotard.


Did I mention I got my grey Rebecca Turbow cape for Christmas? Gahhhhhh!

One of my best friends, Laura in an amazing Robin Hood insipred vintage hat. On my to-do list of things to steal.

Laura and I, it was her birthday and yes she was excited- I am wearing some of the Rodarte for Target collection, vintage earrings and Chanel 'Vamp' lipstick which is one of the best shades OF ALL TIME.

A better shot of my *cough* I mean Laura's amazing hat.

Darcy! Her style is amazing and so eclectic; I've been working on a post about her for about two months and still can't get it right.

My friend Sarah (right), who currently lives in Paris working for AA.

To die for fingerwaves- She taught me to do them in the bathroom but I haven't perfected it yet.

The Faint! We were lucky enough to have 3 shows back to back here in Omaha in late December.

More Rodarte for Target. Love this dress but overall not a long term piece, they used quite possibly the cheapest snaps available on all of the closures, which is unfortunate.

Dustin and Lane

Happy Goo Year at the Slowdown (Me, An and Julia); I wore a D&G bustier dress with an AA leotard underneath due to a massive bruise on my arm that wasn't so pretty. Wearing one of my favorite headpieces, made by Jennifer Loiselle. I already wrote about An's bow and how she killed it; We saw the extreme bow/headpiece trend continued on Chanel's runway this week. 'Nuff said.

Whole look, including my favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs boots from last year. I scoured the earth looking for them after spying them on the runway.

My husband Jon in the middle in the New Year's Hat with Kelsey, Josh and Clark.

Xo Rah

(Photos of the Faint taken by the lovely Julia, pictured above.)

Her Magazine

Just a short post, photos from our wedding will be featured on the back cover of the February/March issue of Her Magazine, an Omaha publication.

You can click here to see the ad. I love it, it lets you zoom in on a collage of our photographer's favorite photos.
Here is a small preview of it below:

Thanks again to our woderful photographers with Minornite studios, which is the wedding, family and special events division of Minorwhite studios.

Xo Rah

21 January 2010

Peachy-Pink Loveliness

Didn't we just see an issue of V Magazine dedicated to women of any size?

If we allow every other aspect of fashion to constantly evolve, why can't we accept change in the bodies that represent beauty?

Needless to say, I am pretty disgusted with what some media outlets are saying about the Christian Siriano dress actress Christina Hendricks (of Mad Men fame) wore to the Golden Globes on Sunday. It's just plain icky to criticize such a beautiful woman (Hellooo curvy redhead, what is the issue?), for flaunting her figure instead of hiding in a dark-colored frock so she appears thinner. But I guess that's what critics are trained to do to gain attention and keep their jobs, so I won't say much more about it. But truly she looked gorgeous, big-in-your-face-boobs and all. Her she was my second favorite (only second to Drew Barrymore in Atelier Versace) of the night just because of how she owned it completely.

I bought this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress today; I've loved it forever but had only seen it in black. It popped up on a Gilt Groupe Sale at 11:30 am, how could I avoid it? But really another reason for my purchase was that it reminded of Christina Hendrick's dress in a way, and I hope it looks just as lovely against my skin as it did hers.

19 January 2010

SPOTLIGHT: Bijou Van Ness

"Impeccably fusing the romantics of 20th century fashion in Europe with the distinct style that marked the beginning of Hollywood's infamous glamour, Bijou Van Ness embodies just that in each and every uniquely designed hat. Founder, Rehn Dudukgian, who currently resides in the heart of Hollywood, but has lived everywhere from Paris to Singapore, designs each hat by hand with pure silks, fine crystals, and vintage brooches: one of a kind materials, that have been imported from all over the world."
-Bijou Van Ness Online.

During the last week the online store for Bijou Van Ness hats opened for business, and did this change my life? Yes! My new focus is obtaining one, if not two of these hats this year. I've got my eye on either the Au Revoir Monsieur (Bottom Right), which retails for $275 USD or the Cocktail Hat in Polka Dot (Top Right), which retails for $275 USD as well. I think I NEED to wear one of these to Anna and Clark's upcoming summer wedding. Yes, I definitely think so. These look so well made, carefully designed and constructed by hand. I have no doubt that any of these would be something that you could keep forever in a beautiful hat box in your closet pulling them out year after year to wear to your favorite events.
I also see the Not-So-Secret Garden (Top Left) which retails for $150 USD on one of Princess Lasertron's brides with one of her bouquets in a similar color palette.

Check out who else is a fan...

Images: Bijou Van Ness

07 January 2010

Paying Homage to Minnie Mouse

Big, and I mean REALLY BIG bows are everywhere this season.
My lovely bridesmaids and friends got me this one off Etsy in red in lieu of a veil at my bachelorette party last year. Aretha made her inaugural hat part of American pop culture by placing one on her hat (Ok...it was really her Milliner who put it there, but still!). And finally, they've been all over the runways this season. I couldn't help but take notice when I read this feature on "Lolita Style" and put that together with Perez Hilton writing about this Topshop headpiece.

(To further drive my point, check out this dress Haley Williams of Paramore wore to the People's Choice Awards last night. Bows are taking over the world!)

Photos (from Left to Right): Marc by Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, Luella and local style-inspiring lovely lady An Vu.

06 January 2010

"Oh no you don't understand..."

"This is an Alaia..."
"...An a-what-a?"
"It's like a totally important designer..."

Azzedine Alaia with Grace Jones, 1980s.

UK Friends are gonna pick me up something at Selfridges, right?

04 January 2010

INSPIRATION: Weddings, Light and Snow

My beautiful friend Anna is getting married to a wonderful man named Clark, this coming Summer. I love her in this photo, it seems it was perfect timing with how the light is draped across her face. Anna attended my wedding a few months back, and I am so excited to see what she does with her styling/ dress/ bridesmaids/ everything. I'm even excited for her wedding shower, which is tomorrow, and the reason why I am up thinking about her (and her bridal registry, I love these!).
She's having a small, evening shower and the invitation requests that guests dress up. Why didn't I think of that?

This photo is from my rehearsal dinner, aren't her little gloves perfect? So delicate! I hope she incorporates gloves or birdcage veils into her wedding somehow, as these are two of my favorite things that she often incorporates into her look.

I think she will appear like Audrey Hepburn in her wedding dress; tiny veil, even smaller waist, elegance and perfect angles to everything.

(Photo Credit: Top two photos taken by Anna Rafferty; Bottom photo credit unknown)

Bows, I adore thee

Is it summer yet? I am so sure that I need this. And a gorgeous wide brimmed hat to go with it.

Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, Net-a-Porter.