25 February 2010


Listen Serena, just gimme that cape and nobody gets hurt, ok?

17 February 2010

Cotton (Eye) Candy Head

I am so hair envious this week! Gahhhh so pretty, one of my blondie friends needs to do this!

15 February 2010

Burnt Reds, Ivory & Black

Whoever made the decision to replace Angelina Jolie with Elson deserves a raise.I love these new shots for Karen Elson's St. John campaign. There's something about the way Elson positions her body when posing in fitted mermaid-style gowns that's so unique. And her shock of red hair exhibits one of the biggest trends in hair right now.

Check out her skin in the bottom left photo compared to the blouse. Makes a girl want to bathe in 90 SPF everyday before leaving the house, no?

Photos: Greg Kadel for St. John

RIP Lee Alexander McQueen

"The news that Alexander McQueen has killed himself is particularly devastating because it always felt to me like he’d be the last man standing. He was restless, but so pragmatic with it I assumed he had what it took to endure the extreme situations he placed himself in. He was also an arch romantic with a pessimistic streak. It produced some of the most beautiful, shocking images in the history of fashion, but it’s a state of mind that can lead to endless disappointments. The death of McQueen’s mother last week would have validated his pessimism. It would undoubtedly have taken away his most vital support. It’s awful to imagine him trying—and failing—to cope, and one can only hope that, if he was looking for peace, he found it. For everyone left behind, there will eventually be consolation, however scant right now, in a body of work whose power will never die."

—Tim Blanks

It's taken me a few days to process this. In short, I lost someone I did not know but greatly admired as an artist and as a human being. It's sometimes easy to place those we admire on a pedestal and when they pass under unideal circumstances to rip them apart in an attempt to speculate how and why they are gone. I made a choice to remember him as I did while he was alive; For his accomplishments and the beauty he created. I admired him and his work while he was alive, and that's all I will continue to do after his departure. I encourage everyone to watch the videos below to see portions of some of his most well known shows/performances.
Rest in Peace, Mr. McQueen.

Photos: All from Style.com

04 February 2010

01 February 2010


PRESENTING: Christian Dior pre-fall 2010, get your bomb shelter party looks ready ladies this shit is impressive. So SPOT ON.

John Galliano's daytime looks for Dior are killer. These are the only pictures I've been able to find so far, there's nothing on Style.com as far as I know (not willing to shell out the money for a WWD subscription).

Check out the hat in the first and third looks, and what looks like a dark green leather trench oh my goodness. WWII style all the way. And the military inspired pouches? And the fur detailing? So excited to see more of this collection and to see fall fashion swerve this way.

(photo: http://www.coutorture.com)