29 March 2010


Silently screaming, "Let us in!" are spring, summer and the numerous floral patterns and shades that come along with the seasons.
Peter Philips’ newest collaboration with Chanel for the summer 2010 makeup collection, Les Pop-Up de Chanel is absolutely wonderful. All of the shades are sure to sell out as quickly as Jade and those that came before it, and it's evident that Nouvelle Vague will be the stand out shade. Promised to be available for a ridiculously short period of time for those willing to stalk the cosmetic counters in May 2010 (myself included).

(Top, left to right) Chanel Nail Colour in Nouvelle Vague, Riviera and Mistral, $23 each.
(Middle) Floral inspiration, photograph by Carolina Parrague.
(Bottom)The (similar in theory, but truly quite different) Look for Less, Forever 21 Sweet Lilac Nail Polish, $2.80 each.

25 March 2010

Ceremonious Gemini?

So I've been wanting these for awhile now, but had only seen them in red, purple and black.

I feel like the designer of this style might have drawn inspiration from the classic Doc Marten aesthetic; Styles like the classic "1460 8 Eye" Doc Marten boot or perhaps one of the newer styles such as the "Cashlin" (below) really make me think of this boot. If you compare the shape of the Doc Marten sole with the Opening Ceremony, they're the same, with the latter just a stretched version.

But isn't it so great that they added on the smallish wooden heel? I would be much more apt to buy the Opening Ceremony boot just because of it.

Do you see the similarities?

(Photo via: Fall 2010 Opening Ceremony)

18 March 2010

Bubblegum Wonderheaven

Are these even worthy of the human foot?

Miu Miu Platform Mary Janes, $1,495; call 212-641-2980.

In my (delusional) dreamworld these are already on loan to me, sitting in a Swarovski crystal-encrusted case in my bedroom waiting to be used in my photo shoot next week.

(Photo Credit: Miu Miu)

16 March 2010

Bride of Cruella Frankenstein de Vil

Can't get over it. Ordering white, grey and pale pink extensions RIGHT NOW.
Now I just need someone to make me one of those bows...

(Photo Credit: Style.com)

15 March 2010


I am sure everyone has fashion regrets; Whether it's buying something sort of gross or hesitating and missing out on something beautiful, there are several pairs of shoes that I feel like I truly missed out on-either for monetary reasons, shoes selling out too quickly, living in NEBRASKA, etc. Don't get me wrong, Omaha is the Midwest's fashion mecca as far as I'm concerned, (especially for vintage styling) but we don't even have an f-ing Nordstrom's.
Yes, we suffer (wahhhh!), our finest department store is Von Maur, who recently pulled most of their "higher-end" lines (Marc by Marc Jacobs, L.A.M.B. etc.) because they weren't selling so well (WHAT!!?!) so we're out of luck there too.
Point of my story, when I am stalking the latest Ann Demeulemeester's online and wondering what size to buy, others can just head to the Saks down the block and get a pair the day they came out.

Here is my tribute to the three pairs of shoes I've been stalking FOR-EV-ERRRR. I would buy any of them in a heartbeat if I could find them in my size/color selections.


The last time I was in Chicago an extremely annoying salesman followed me around the store trying to get me to try these beauties on. Maybe I would have, if he hadn't been driving me nuts, and I might be the proud owner of the "Mendel" today.
Le Sigh...

EXHIBIT B: Ann Demeulemeester Lace Up Sandals

I've been tempted to buy these Jeffrey Campbell knock offs...we'll see I guess.

EXHIBIT C: Ann Demeulemeester Triple Lace Up Boots in either Plum or Black, Otherwise known as THE HOLY GRAIL OF BOOTS

So tell me, is there any ONE to die for item you feel like you really missed out on?

(Photo Credit: Sea of Shoes & A Touch of French)

11 March 2010

More Genius from Minorwhite Studios

Our friends from Minorwhite Studios recently took some engagement pictures of our good friends Clark and Anna and I wanted to share not only because they are beautiful, but duh!- because of what Anna is wearing in them (See all these GORGEOUS photos here).

She's wearing an heirloom dress that she intends to wear for their upcoming June ceremony, and then will change into an breathtaking Oscar de la Renta gown that she's having altered by my dressmaker (gah!) Joi Mahon of Dress Form Designs, who is also in the midst of creating a dress line with my friend Megan (stay tuned for more on that!). So excited to see what Joi does with it, as she is really changing up the original shape of the dress to fit on Anna's tiny, tiny waist. Anna chose the perfect shoes (a short boot) to go with her dress, which I believe are vintage as well.

Bill Sitzmann, Chris Machian and Colin Conces of Minorwhite also took ours...if you are in the Omaha area and looking for photographers they are definitely the way to go, they are a very versatile and unique grouping of photographers who have shot everything from weddings to national musicians.

(Had to throw these in here, I am as vain as they come! These are some of the shots from our wedding and engagement sessions).

I am not a smoker, can you tell? Haha!

Photo Credit: Minorwhite Studios

10 March 2010

ALEXANDER WANG One Shoulder Shirt Dress + More

Success! I purchased this little beauty this morning after wanting if for a long time. I tried it on in a Chicago Nordstrom's sometime prior to my wedding last year, for a very different price than I paid today. What a great morning!

Here are some other Alexander Wang gems from the current season I've got my eye on...

Clockwise from top right: 1. Cat Sunglasses, $325 at Shopbop.com 2. Darla Pyramid Clutch, $490 at Shopbop.com 3. Silky Army Skirt with Front Tie, $385 at Shopbop.com 4. Brenda Mini Camera Bag, $425 at Shopbop.com

Photo Credit: Shopbop.com and Gilt.com

09 March 2010


Uncle Karl are you for real? Oh no you did not just import part of an iceberg from Scandinavia to your show in Paris.

Mind that I just saw this collection and am still processing my thoughts, but I can say that I much preferred the latter half of the show. I loved the pale ivory boots dipped in black much more than all the fur boots at the beginning of the show. They're just so classic Chanel and I adore them paired with a black opaque tight.
I loved the mixture of textures, the over the top nature of the shape of quite a few pieces, and the sweater dresses that were mixed in among all of the fur-covered ensembles. Among the wild things, there was definitive beauty.

This collection was all about texture; faux fur, ruching, mixed tweeds and ice-inspired accessories truly made for an eclectic look. To quote Style.com who I feel worded it perfectly, "Lagerfeld steered this collection nearer to couture than ready-to-wear than ever."

What did you think of this collection? It's definitely not one I can see most people falling in the middle of the road on. I am excited to read what all the critics will have to say as I've only read anything except for Style's review up to this point.

Photo Credit: Style.com

08 March 2010

McQueen Rumor Mill

Is Gareth Pugh going to take over at McQueen?

According to NY Mag, his reps say No.

He's one of the only designers that would be truly fitting in my mind, we will see how it all unfolds...

Can you think of anyone that would be a better fit?

04 March 2010

Get Your Freak On Giles Deacon

Oh Giles, I love you not only because you utilized a throwback to '60s style (my favorite!) in your Fall 2010 RTW collection with beehives, metallic brocades, giant collars, bustiers, gremlins and cloud/space themes...

But most of all because you included this bag:

Double P.S. I want the dino one too!

Photo Credit: Style.com

03 March 2010

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

Devi Kroell Guggenheim Platforms

Hello Gorgeous! What's that you say?
Speak up I can't hear you...
Oh, you want me to buy you? Why I'm so flattered, be right there...

$1,050; at devikroell.com

02 March 2010

Milan, Versus & Anna

Hilarious! A much deserved Milanese response to the rescheduling of fashion week for Anna Wintour to attend, after she stated that she would only stay for 3 days. Three measly days! Gimme one of those shirts!

Ok, enough of that...one of my favorite collections from Milan's fashion week was Versus, which I think is a very wearable collection.
At Versus we saw the "cupcake" skirt, Christopher Kane's flirty version of a school girl styled skirt with heavy pleating done in satin. Makes me want to put one on to go dancing, no doubt these suckers would fly around as you danced.
I also really enjoyed Kane's choice of color palette ; peacock blue, plum, red, navy, dark green and black which made for an original pairing. I think the blue was what really made this collection so crisp. I would pair it with a ruby woo red lip (ok, ok...I would pair everything with a red lip if I could!).

The photos shown below are mostly from the Versus Fall 2010 RTW collection, minus the hair and the photo shown on the right of the center collage, which is Oscar de la Renta Fall 2010 RTW. Centered are some of my favorite hair inspiring photos. Give me an ombre behive and I'll be good to go, thanks!

Just a little eye candy for you on a dull Tuesday.