15 March 2010


I am sure everyone has fashion regrets; Whether it's buying something sort of gross or hesitating and missing out on something beautiful, there are several pairs of shoes that I feel like I truly missed out on-either for monetary reasons, shoes selling out too quickly, living in NEBRASKA, etc. Don't get me wrong, Omaha is the Midwest's fashion mecca as far as I'm concerned, (especially for vintage styling) but we don't even have an f-ing Nordstrom's.
Yes, we suffer (wahhhh!), our finest department store is Von Maur, who recently pulled most of their "higher-end" lines (Marc by Marc Jacobs, L.A.M.B. etc.) because they weren't selling so well (WHAT!!?!) so we're out of luck there too.
Point of my story, when I am stalking the latest Ann Demeulemeester's online and wondering what size to buy, others can just head to the Saks down the block and get a pair the day they came out.

Here is my tribute to the three pairs of shoes I've been stalking FOR-EV-ERRRR. I would buy any of them in a heartbeat if I could find them in my size/color selections.


The last time I was in Chicago an extremely annoying salesman followed me around the store trying to get me to try these beauties on. Maybe I would have, if he hadn't been driving me nuts, and I might be the proud owner of the "Mendel" today.
Le Sigh...

EXHIBIT B: Ann Demeulemeester Lace Up Sandals

I've been tempted to buy these Jeffrey Campbell knock offs...we'll see I guess.

EXHIBIT C: Ann Demeulemeester Triple Lace Up Boots in either Plum or Black, Otherwise known as THE HOLY GRAIL OF BOOTS

So tell me, is there any ONE to die for item you feel like you really missed out on?

(Photo Credit: Sea of Shoes & A Touch of French)


  1. Because I felt like commenting on all things Sarah this evening:

    I stalked these Burberry beauties for months.

    So sad. I couldn't find them in stores, at least the ones that I went to, or online. Sold out every where.

  2. sad but when I started reading this, what immediately came to my mind were the triple lace boots in plum. I'd die.

  3. Armana- Those are gorgeous!
    Megan- Right? I would probably enter one of those radio contests where you can't pee for a week or something to have those boots! Waiting for the day an owner needs a quick buck and sells hers on Ebay!<3

  4. When a man finds himself thinking, "Wow those are some interesting shoes," the designer must be doing something right. In zee end, they may be yours...le sigh...