23 December 2009


With crazy nails quickly becoming all the rage around the globe,(Hellloooo Japan, where else?) I couldn't help but notice a Style.com post about this party nail polish, just in time for New Years Eve.

Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday polish is a must have for the holiday season. Style.com recommends wearing it over red nail polish. It can be found here at Beauty.com

I'm sold! Going to layer this on thick to have the best confetti-disco ball-celebratory nails ever!

18 December 2009

Vogue Picks of the Decade

Vogue.com asked it's readers this week to vote on the best dressed women of the decade. Ten looks from each year (2000-2009) were given and readers were asked to vote on their favorite picks.
It was difficult, but I voted and here are my selections:


So the obvious choice might be J Lo in this (what seemed at the time) groundbreaking number from Versace. We saw a little bit of everything with this piece, but looking back it's a little too Miami-ish for my taste. Looks more swimsuit cover up than chic.
But how beautiful would it have been if it had (a) not been sheer, and (b) it had evoked the old Hollywood glamour that the silhouette of this dress seems to call for. I'm thinking something that Jean Harlow would have worn (in a more modest fashion, since it was the '30s) maybe in an opaque creme or nude shade with the same detailing on the front of the dress.

Instead, I picked Charlize Theron in a terracotta dress by Vera Wang for the year 2000. GORGEOUS.


This year was a difficult one for me, mostly because I think all the picks are sort of lackluster.
Eh, I went with Demi Moore in Donna Karan; The gown looked fantastic with her skin tone, but overall it's not a favorite of mine. The use of multiple textures in this dress makes it somewhat unique, but I'm usually not a fan of the whole Greek goddess/toga look.

I liked Julia Roberts' gown as well, but I'd like it much better on anyone else. She's "sweaty", as my husband would say.


Halle Berry was gorgeous, Tilda Swinton was daring, Reese Witherspoon went romantic and Audrey Tautou looked sweet. I'm torn between Reese and Audrey.

After much ado, I picked Audrey. Simply, I would want to wear her gown over Reese's. She reminds me of the original Audrey here.


Again, not a favorite year of mine.

Salma Hayek looked gorgeous in Red, but there's nothing new about that.

I thought about picking Julianne Moore, because I die for a pale redhead in emerald green, but her look also doesn't do it for me.

I picked Sarah Jessica Parker, not only because she evokes confidence in this dress but because I really like how the top of this gown falls slightly away from her chest...it gives it a slight '50s feel.


Finally I year I was truly torn about!

I chose Liya Kebede, as it came down to her and Karen Elson for me.

Karen in this silver, open-backed gown is truly beautiful, but I just prefer the odd pairing of periwinkle and fur on Liya.


Hilary Swank! It comes down to (a) how gorgeous she looks, even though from the front she's almost completely covered (the back almost completely open), and (b) color. Navy blue is a rarity on the red carpet, so props for being bold.


My easiest choice, Michelle Williams in Vera Wang. One of my favorite dresses of all time. I spent almost a month trying to figure out how to get this exact gown to wear to my wedding.


Once again, not a favorite year of mine but I'll choose Reese Witherspoon in canary yellow by Nina Ricci.


Mary Kate or Jennifer, Mary Kate or Jennifer, hmmm....

I'll go with Mary Kate Olsen, just because she completely owns the flat chested, grandma/curtains/harlot thing she's got going on. And I love the rounded collar.

Jennifer Connelly in Balenciaga, honorable mention.

(At Last!) 2009

Rihanna! She really went for it with a puffy-sleeved tuxedo.

Happy Holidays and New Year! Excited to see what the year will bring.

15 December 2009

Taking my inspiration from Rebecca Turbow's monochromatic philosophy, eye candy for this grey afternoon