09 March 2010


Uncle Karl are you for real? Oh no you did not just import part of an iceberg from Scandinavia to your show in Paris.

Mind that I just saw this collection and am still processing my thoughts, but I can say that I much preferred the latter half of the show. I loved the pale ivory boots dipped in black much more than all the fur boots at the beginning of the show. They're just so classic Chanel and I adore them paired with a black opaque tight.
I loved the mixture of textures, the over the top nature of the shape of quite a few pieces, and the sweater dresses that were mixed in among all of the fur-covered ensembles. Among the wild things, there was definitive beauty.

This collection was all about texture; faux fur, ruching, mixed tweeds and ice-inspired accessories truly made for an eclectic look. To quote Style.com who I feel worded it perfectly, "Lagerfeld steered this collection nearer to couture than ready-to-wear than ever."

What did you think of this collection? It's definitely not one I can see most people falling in the middle of the road on. I am excited to read what all the critics will have to say as I've only read anything except for Style's review up to this point.

Photo Credit: Style.com


  1. I really love the two looks right before the bags - and the two before that (last 4 looks basically)! Agreed on the boots - much prefer the dipped ones to the fur.

  2. Jenny- Those were the ones later on in the collection that I was talking about...the beginning is fur suits that are out of control! But not wearable, which is an issue with RTW haha.