01 February 2010


PRESENTING: Christian Dior pre-fall 2010, get your bomb shelter party looks ready ladies this shit is impressive. So SPOT ON.

John Galliano's daytime looks for Dior are killer. These are the only pictures I've been able to find so far, there's nothing on Style.com as far as I know (not willing to shell out the money for a WWD subscription).

Check out the hat in the first and third looks, and what looks like a dark green leather trench oh my goodness. WWII style all the way. And the military inspired pouches? And the fur detailing? So excited to see more of this collection and to see fall fashion swerve this way.

(photo: http://www.coutorture.com)


  1. i want every piece in the third look, and i want them now.


  2. Fuck fur, and the designers who use it!!

    Dope looks though!

  3. I don't know if it's real or not...I bought some faux today, black so I can get it dirty in ny and it won't matter <3

  4. Fuck yeah! If it was still cold there I'd wear my faux fir so we can be way tighter than Lane and Turddick.