26 January 2010

December 2009 Wrap-Up

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Christmas through New Year's Eve of this year, starting with our Christmas Party...

Megan was so cute and pregnant at our party, I'll bet the first thing her baby learns is how to dance.

Lane and I; She was looking hot in her leggings and cut of jean shorts with the HIGHEST heels ever, per usual. I was in one of my favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs skirts from a few seasons back with an nude AA leotard.


Did I mention I got my grey Rebecca Turbow cape for Christmas? Gahhhhhh!

One of my best friends, Laura in an amazing Robin Hood insipred vintage hat. On my to-do list of things to steal.

Laura and I, it was her birthday and yes she was excited- I am wearing some of the Rodarte for Target collection, vintage earrings and Chanel 'Vamp' lipstick which is one of the best shades OF ALL TIME.

A better shot of my *cough* I mean Laura's amazing hat.

Darcy! Her style is amazing and so eclectic; I've been working on a post about her for about two months and still can't get it right.

My friend Sarah (right), who currently lives in Paris working for AA.

To die for fingerwaves- She taught me to do them in the bathroom but I haven't perfected it yet.

The Faint! We were lucky enough to have 3 shows back to back here in Omaha in late December.

More Rodarte for Target. Love this dress but overall not a long term piece, they used quite possibly the cheapest snaps available on all of the closures, which is unfortunate.

Dustin and Lane

Happy Goo Year at the Slowdown (Me, An and Julia); I wore a D&G bustier dress with an AA leotard underneath due to a massive bruise on my arm that wasn't so pretty. Wearing one of my favorite headpieces, made by Jennifer Loiselle. I already wrote about An's bow and how she killed it; We saw the extreme bow/headpiece trend continued on Chanel's runway this week. 'Nuff said.

Whole look, including my favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs boots from last year. I scoured the earth looking for them after spying them on the runway.

My husband Jon in the middle in the New Year's Hat with Kelsey, Josh and Clark.

Xo Rah

(Photos of the Faint taken by the lovely Julia, pictured above.)


  1. I didn't know you liked Rebecca's stuff. I know that chick! I've hung out with her a few times in NYC. She was originally going to make the Rig 1 hoods. We should get you some custom shit done!

  2. I have a bunch of her stuff from over the last 2-3 years, I can never get enough though. Custom = duh!