07 January 2010

Paying Homage to Minnie Mouse

Big, and I mean REALLY BIG bows are everywhere this season.
My lovely bridesmaids and friends got me this one off Etsy in red in lieu of a veil at my bachelorette party last year. Aretha made her inaugural hat part of American pop culture by placing one on her hat (Ok...it was really her Milliner who put it there, but still!). And finally, they've been all over the runways this season. I couldn't help but take notice when I read this feature on "Lolita Style" and put that together with Perez Hilton writing about this Topshop headpiece.

(To further drive my point, check out this dress Haley Williams of Paramore wore to the People's Choice Awards last night. Bows are taking over the world!)

Photos (from Left to Right): Marc by Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, Luella and local style-inspiring lovely lady An Vu.