03 May 2010

Again Girls, What's My Weakness?

MIU MIU! Yep, as some guessed, my major shoe news was that I got a slightly different (and less expensive) version of my bubblegum wonderheaven dream shoes.
They're navy and white satin and did I mention GLORIOUS?

Shout out to Miss Rachel Briggs for playing "Yo, Sarah I spied those at Nordstrom's on Michigan Avenue yesterday" with me. I owe you one (or five)!

Howard waiting for his turn to try them on. I keep telling him they don't come in puppy sizes but he's been scouring Shopstyle.com for them anyways.

Now I just need these and these and I'll never want anything again.

Or for a few days.

(See more about this look at my Lookbook.nu)

Xo Rah


  1. my wife hates you. also i want to find a fabric print like that for other things around the house. kittens instead of birds would work too.

  2. I'm so proud of you, boogaloo.