28 May 2010

PRADA POSTCARDS: Clearly it's Time for a Vote

"Prada has launched six pairs of sunglasses as part of the “POSTCARDS” series for the spring/summer 2010. The acidulated and acetated crystal glasses are the famous plexi-neon which is in vogue this season."

Blah Blah Blah all you need to know is that I'm getting these glasses. I saw the campaign, made some calls and figured out how I am going to get them.

The only question is do I want the green (Forte Dei Marmi), the pink (Santa Monica) or the clear (Biarritz)?

Original knee-weakening ad:

Am I incorrect in believing that these are the glasses that our buckwild buddy Beyoncé is wearing in the last photo here? THIS IS TRUE LOVE GUYS!

Color Choices:

I'm leaning towards the clear, but probably just because she's wearing them in the ad. Plus, I love how they look with that orange lipstick and it looks just like the MAC "Morange" lipstick I bought yesterday.

You can see the rest of the color choices here

VOTE VOTE VOTE for the color you like on the top right corner of my blog, you can't miss it. I can't wait to see what everyone picks!

Xo Rah


  1. i was 100 percent sure you needed the green until you made a good case for the clear, now i dont know!!

  2. official vote is green for you. it'll work with morange and with the sky blue lipstick, trust me.

    i'm getting the black. prada sunglasses are my weakness.

  3. They're only $200! For Prada sunglasses that's nothing! I am thinking about getting 2 pairs...

  4. I say clear - I love how they look in the ad!