19 August 2010


"God, Carol I know...she is just SO pushy!"

So I'm kind of a high maintenance friend right now. Or maybe always. I don't know.
I've been begging everyone to vote everyday to help me get on Mad Men.  Since a lot of people have asked, the contest doesn't end until September 17th, so you can vote everyday until then. I just need to get into the top 10 women, and then it's all up to the Man Men makers (say that 10 times fast). 

How wonderful are all my friends and family? No really! All the reposting and linking (and threatening...and husband's facebook account hacking...Kitty I'm looking at you) you've been doing, I think I just might be in lurrrrve with you. My friend Megan aka Princess Lasertron is even going to give out one of her TOTALLY gorg dresses if I get on the show!
Have you ever wanted something more than anything in your whole life and it turns you into a freak a little bit? Have you ever had a feeling that achieving one tiny thing could make all the difference in the world for you? Well this is almost like that. I'm close to desperate and at the same time I'm really close to saying eh, whatevs and letting it go.

"Geez Louise, that Sarah can only dream to 'hive like this."
But I won't. You guys know me. We've got a plaque that says, "PERSISTENCE" on the wall of our bedroom for Christ's sake.

You can click here to vote, and ya'll gotta promise to come back 'round here real soon, y'hear?

"Hey Mad Men, you've got my number, call me?"
Xo Rah

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  1. Opened in a tab and will vote for you! Good luck.