30 July 2010

Mad Men Contest Entry

Today has been an exciting day, I finally had a photo accepted for AMC's Mad Men casting call contest!
Not only that, but since 8 am today I've received 580 votes with the help of all of my friends and family that have been so wonderful with pushing everyone they know to vote as well.
I appreciate you! You guys got me from page 135 this morning with no votes all the way to 580 votes and into the top 10 "most popular" pages of all the contestants.

Granted it will be A LOT harder from here on out to move up, since some of the very top people have close to 20,000 votes (and they're some of the weirdest photos!) but that's alright, I just want to try.

Above is the photo I cropped down to the permitted size and entered into the contest.

You can vote everyday, and as I learned this afternoon you can vote more than once if you have multiple browsers on your computer, and you can also vote on your phone. PHEW that's a lot of voting.
I love you guys and thanks again for all your (very fast) support.

Xo Rah

(Photo: Bill Sitzmann of Minorwhite Studios)

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