28 July 2010


These are part two of my photo shoot with with Bill Sitzmann from this spring. Part one, "White Dress" is here

The whole suitcase situation is loosely inspired by this promotional photo from one of my favorite movies, Crybaby. Traci Lords' character, Wanda is totally the best thing about that whole movie and I am completely inspired by every aspect of her look. The tiny bangs all curled up on her forehead while the rest of her hair remains long, fluffy and curled, the attitude, the bold red lips, the leather jacket over the dress...GAHHHH it just slays me!

This photo (above) is the one they used in Omaha Magazine for my style feature.  All photos were (of course) taken by Bill Sitzmann of Minorwhite Studios

I guess I should say a little something about what I was wearing. The most amazing dress in the world is vintage, sheer socks with blue polka dots are from Anthropologie (I bought 4 pairs, favorite socks in the world!), and the silver glittered open toe pumps are Christian Louboutin.  They're also the shoes I wore to my wedding this past October. 

Were you missing the fake snow from part one? Here we go...

The best (above) of all the snow pictures, I think. 

Feel the burrrrrrrn! 
Snow was all up in my eyes again so although it's not the most flattering photo, I wanted to show you close up of my jewelry. I think I was wearing like four necklaces. Jewelry was a combination of vintage and Forever 21

What's that sitting by my arm? Do you see it? The little yellow bag...

IT'S CRACK! Or some other drug, I don't know. None of us were entirely sure, but I think it really sealed the deal to make these last shots my favorite. During the shoot, Colin Conces (also of Minorwhite) stepped on it by accident (after my hair stylist Darcy Covert found it on a mound of dirt and bravely picked it up) and got it all over his shoes. I think he ended up throwing the shoes away or at least had to scrub them down in fear that his dogs would somehow ingest the crack.

Seriously the most ridiculous thing to ever happen to me on a photo shoot. I guess that's what you get when you tell your photographer that you want to shoot in front of one of the most run down strips of (mostly) abandoned housing in Omaha. Omahans, do you recognize it? It's off Leavenworth Street. 

Thanks so much again to the Minorwhite guys for shooting me, I'm really looking forward to our shoot next week, for which we ordered 350 freeze dried honeybees.

That's all I'll say, you'll just have to check back for more BUZZ on the bees.

Xo Rah


  1. That dress, as always, is AMAZING!! Have you given it back to its owner yet? After she pries it from you cold, dead hands I suppose!

    I can't wait for the bee photoshoot! Gimme gimme more!



    Again, amazing amazing pictures lovely lady.