02 July 2010

What's New(ish)?

This week I've had a friend message me asking where all my style related Facebook posts went, if I'd been too busy to write. Someone else asked me what "following" Fash Flood meant.

Don't be a Crybaby, allow me to clarify...

I started a Facebook group called Fash Flood to serve as an interactive extension of my blog. That makes it sounds much more complicated and high-tech than it is; Basically, I don't always feel it necessary to write about, say, a single pair of shoes that only a member of Kiss could love. I just want to post a link and discuss them with you. I also want to be able to filter some of my personal life out of this blog/Fash Flood on Facebook.

So I moved, kind of.

So, you'll still get the long version here, but for the shorter conversational-based version, join my Facebook group Fash Flood or follow me on Twitter.

I hope that explains things.  Have a great Fourth of July weekend!
Xo Rah

(Lower photo by Bill Sitzmann of Minorwhite Studios for Omaha Magazine. Hair by Darcy Covert of Claude's Beautorium)


  1. oh, i love cry baby. one of my favorite movies. johnny depp at his best.

  2. It's SO underrated. My husband directs short films and he's never even seen it! Travesty!