25 June 2010


Did I ever announce the winner of the Prada Postcards sunglasses poll?
Doesn't the way I worded that make it sound like I was GIVING something away? Welp, until I've cleared just a few more hurdles to become the next Oprah and I can tell everyone of my readers to look under their computer chairs TO FIND A PAIR OF GLAHHHH-SEEEESSSSSS!!!!!! (picture me at my desk saying "glasses" Oprah-style over and over while I type)...I'll just announce the winner here and show you a few photos of my sweet new thangs.
Thanks to everyone who voted and made this major life decision easier.

CLEAR (Biarritz) was the winner!

Anyways, I really love my new sunglasses but if I was going to whine just a little tiny bit about anything it would be that the lenses aren't very dark at all, so buyer beware. It would probably be really easy to get the lenses changed out for darker ones but I can't stand the thought of watching some barely out of their teens Optometric tech operating on precious glasses and accidentally ruining them.

Right-o, getting to the major point of this post, one of my lovely readers Jill made a request (or was it a threat...?) that I post some lipstick recommendations since she is well aware that I spend most of my big bucks (big bucks = less than a teacher makes per year) on lipsticks. MAC "Ruby Woo" is my all time favorite lipstick, but that's nothing new so without further ado, here are a few of my recent favs. I only picked four because all that trying on and wiping off of lipsticks and liners kind of turns your lips into a little bit of a wasteland for a second. So I will post part two of my favorite lipsticks another day.

Top to Bottom:
Lipstick Queen- Saints Sheer Lipstick in "Coral" glossy finish (a great neutral lipstick with a little bit of shine)
MAC- "Snob" stain finish (my friend Courtney showed me this one and people either love it or hate it)
MAC- "Morange" amplified creme finish (this lipstick is NEON orange, the photo doesn't quite do it justice)
MAC- "Russian Red" matte finish (a favorite of Dita Von Teese)

Have a good weekend everyone!
Xo Rah


  1. Love the glasses and morange!

  2. I LOVE YOUU! Going to try Lipstick Queen - "Coral" OR ALL!
    Thank you. :)

  3. I always end up hating lipsticks, but I got the MAC lip stain/paint and I love that stuff!

  4. it is true, people really hate or love Snob! I LOOOOVE it on you. glad you love it too. :)