30 June 2010


Black or leopard, which do you prefer?

Senso "Wilma" Pony Hair Platform Booties/$159.95 available for pre-order at Solestruck

These are so affordable that I fear they'll be less than exquisitely made. I have awhile to decide if I want them, since there's nothing about these that says summer. Perhaps I'll just get them in black leather since pony hair doesn't really mix well with Nebraska snow and I don't really have many plain black leather shoes, if any at all.

Maybe I like them because I really wanted these from Elizabeth and James (below), but feared I wouldn't want to wear them when they arrived. Something about them seems like they would be unbearable to wear, but I don't know. Could be wrong.
And there's also a chance that I'm just channeling my desire for these from Giuseppe Zanotti (below), as I posted about on my facebook group this morning.

It's just one big funnel from what I can afford to what I really want. Le Sigh.

(Images via Solestruck.com, Zappos.com & Shopbop.com)


  1. i love those elizabeth and james platforms. if i could wear big-girl shoes, i'd have purchased those in every color.

  2. They're so pretty. Def my fav shoes they've ever produced.