21 April 2010

Ozzy Bow & Harem Harlequin

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for English shoe line, Irregular Choice. Sometimes I forget they are around, since they are not sold anywhere closer than 3ish hours away from Omaha and I don't randomly run across them online very often.

Today I was reminded of their amazing presence after receiving an email from Nasty Gal's online store (click my link or google, DO NOT try nastygal.com, it won't be what you're looking for!). I love this site, it's one of my favorite places to shop when I'm not shopping for vintage (they do have a vintage section, but it's picked over quickly when new items are added). Very affordable and they constantly are adding new pieces.

Anyways, back to my original point, check out these new shoes (buckwild as always) from Irregular Choice...

Top: Irregular Choice Harem Harlequin Platforms, $138.
Bottom: Irregular Choice Ozzy Bow Heel, $128.

I especially love the Ozzy Bow Heels, quite possibly because they are lined with orange velvet?

P.S. Stay tuned for some of the biggest footwear related news of my life thus far later this week!

(Photos: All from Nasty Gal.)


  1. I love those Ozzy Bow Heels! Soo adorable!

  2. I love irregular choice too and I think they are priced really well.