27 April 2010

Click & Strip Advertising

I was drawn to this photo because of the model's (Emily Didonato) hair. I stayed because of the idea behind it.
It's part of a series from Chanel and Eres; Starting out the model will be dressed in layers of Chanel, but as you click, it strips her down to only Eres undergarments. What an interesting way to bring two lines together! This concept could truly be applied to a variety of accessories, clothing, swimwear etc.

You can see more of this campaign mid-May at Eresparis.com.

On a side note, I'm really interested in acquiring some short clip on bangs similar to those pictured above. I really miss mine (having real bangs, that is) but it was so horrible growing them out that I want to stay without them for awhile. Has anyone tried these out?

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  1. this is so so so great! I love the concept x a million.