19 April 2010

Hopelessly Feminine

Here is a story about how I fell in love with a handmade hair-candy, lingerie, clothing, accessories + more company. Before I was married last year I heavily hinted to my bridesmaids and friends that I would not be wearing any sort of hideous penis-encrusted bridal veil to my bachelorette parties (I won't waste 20 minutes of my time and yours ranting about my reasoning) and told them not to worry about getting all of that stuff usually involved in pre-marriage parties.

So my lovely friend Jenny totally hooked it up with a bow from Australian Etsy store Hopelessly Devoted (pictured above, at my bachelorette party and below, from their online store).
Isn't it perfect for a bachelorette? I've worn mine several times since my party and will be able to wear it for a long time to come because it is so well made.

Or what about this fascinator with the tiny birdcage veil?

Wouldn't the one below with the rosettes be great for the actual wedding? I could see something like this on my friend Courtney with her long blond hair all wild and flowing underneath it.

Alright so I will continue my tale, the lady behind this company, Gaby, is one of the writers for this blog, that everyone should check and re-check often because they are CONSTANTLY posting the most beautiful inspiring collages that include their new items. She posted about a piece loosely inspired by BEETLEJUICE last week (HOLY CRAP! HOLY CRAP! HOLY CRAP!, COULD YOU BE MORE AMAZING?)

Another sect of this company is Hopeless, a handmade and often vintage-inspired lingerie store. I love all of these looks because the lingerie appears so feminine and delicate, and doesn't look like a dirty french maid costume with a corset sucking the life out of the model. A woman could wear all of these and be comfortable but still feel gorgeous.

So everyone head on over and order up some bows for you, me and all the soon to be brides in your life. They'll thank you for skipping the penis straws, veils and suck for a buck lollipop bouquets!

(Photos: All from Hopelessly Devoted's Etsy Store and the Hopeless Etsy Store, except for the first collage at the top)


  1. oooh i love that last photo! i am not sure i really know how to look like a lady, but wearing something like that might help. you should make a post one day about how to look like a lady if you can't wear heels and have no fashion sense. 27 years old and i still have more plain black vneck tshirts than any other item in my closet, and more hoodies than jackets.

  2. Thank you so much for this lovely post! Totally brightened my morning :D

    Gaby xoxooxoxoxo

    (Just a little note though - its only me - Gaby behind the Bows and Knickers :) Jane does embroidery and this is her shop - www.etsy.com/shop/livingthread)

  3. It just looks so perfect on you! I'd glad you love it!

    They make gorgeous things - I love the lingerie too - so tasteful (which is so hard to find)!

  4. Gaby- FIXED thank you for the details!
    X- Rah

    Kandiss- Will do! That last one would look gorg on you!

  5. sarah, i LOVE the white rosettes! gorgeous! you've got me pegged.