24 November 2009

Vivienne Westwood Rubbers

Gah I love these!

I bought THE LAST PAIR (how lucky is that?) of the Vivienne Westwood Gold Lady Dragon Globe sligbacks off My-Wardrobe.com. I never believe when a website says "last pair" (because they all say it) but I checked today and they were sold out. My perfect holiday shoes because they are grey so I can wear them with everything. The only thing that would make them more perfect would be if the ball on the front was actually a tiny disco ball that bounced light everywhere when I was dancing, (ala Thakoon's Mirror Mosaic Strappy Sandals and Ankle boots).

Had to get these puppies too, I don't own any rainboots and I feel these are very understated. Loving the tiny little bow on the front. The website said they run small, so I hope I am not disappointed with giant clodhopper boots. I won't send them back because they're coming from Britain and shipping/fees are horrible already!

The purchase of both of these pairs more than made up for the disappointment I had earlier this week when Bloomingdales messed up my order. Sent me the wrong pair of Kate Spades, and then told me the ones I wanted were sold out and it was too late.

(Both images via My-Wardrobe.com)

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  1. Those grey shoes are GORGEOUS! Love, love, love them! And the rain boots are precious!

    I am so in to grey too - especially my new ruffle shirt!