25 November 2009

Net-A-Porter, Bane of my (Funds) Existence

When I think of many of my girl friends in Omaha, I think of Chloé. The styling similarities are pretty dead-on; I see it in the high waisted pants, the irregular colors and forms that reflect masculinity and even the placing of the belt in this look really define the overall look of many of these lovely ladies (I'm really thinking Laura with the belt).

That being said, torture continues to blow in seasonally, currently in the form of a $2055 USD Chloé blouse that sold out before I even had my eye on it.
The combination of a Chloé bow-detailed asymmetric silk blouse with the butterfly jacquard silk pants cannot be topped. The details! The details!

And I NEED the pants too, if solely for the reason that I work at Goodwill, and I see gorgeous vintage blouses everyday that would look perfect with them.
Check out the beautiful pattern and color of these pants up-close...and all this time I thought Miriah Carey killed off all chances for these little suckers to be seen as non-trashtastic in the 90's.


Images via Net-A-Porter.

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