19 July 2010


These are part one of a shoot I did for Omaha Magazine in Spring of this year. Photos were taken by my dear friend Bill Sitzmann of Minorwhite Studios in Omaha. The purpose of the shoot/story was to give a little bit of info about me and to showcase my personal style. They ended up using this photo in their layout, but I wanted to show everyone the rest of the pictures because I love how they turned out.

In this set of photos, I am wearing a vintage dress loaned to me for the shoot by my friend Anna, whom I've written about before. The sash I'm wearing is also hers, and it's made from an old cummerbund (isn't that great? I've started buying them when I see them so I can make more). Floral printed tights are from Urban Outfitters in Omaha. The Gloves are vintage from Second Chance Antiques in Omaha (RIP yellow gloves, sacrificed in the cake fight for the Mynabirds video). Shoes are from Von Maur in Omaha and are Betsey Johnson. My giant Amy Winehouse-inspired hive (we totally took it to another level, beat that Amy!) was done by Darcy Covert of Omaha Chicago (as of this week). Always the control freak, I did my own makeup and all other props are my own.

See that teacup? My original plan was to tie it in my hair and to balance it on my head, like I was trying to balance a book. But living in Nebraska you always have to have a backup plan. It was windy that day, and my hair already emitted enough personality on it's own (really though, it was just a wee bit smaller than Marge Simpson's! Darcy shoved an entire wig in there!) so we decided that I would just throw fake snow out of it.

One of the best things about working with Bill is that he doesn't always want everything to be pretty. He always has me making the most awful, wicked witch-like faces possible.

I love this one (above). Enlarge and check out my address.

Did I mention it was windy? Oh I did? Well, did I mention that fake snow BURNS LIKE HELL when it hits your eyes?

Real tears! I'm trying to hold my eyes open here after globs of fake snow just blew into my eye. My head kind of looks over sized here...very Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland-esque, no?

So much fun. Thanks to Omaha Magazine and Bill Sitzmann of Minorwhite Studios for featuring me.
Stay tuned for part two of this shoot later this week!

Xo Rah


  1. This whole shoot is very urban Alice in Wonderland-ey!!! I really like Bill's work and your look!!

  2. I love the photos Bill and those minorwhite guys get of the amazing faces you make! Your expressions are so unique (and AWESOME) and must be captured :)

    The last two are my favorites - agreed they are very much like Alice in Wonderland! I also love the ones where you're sitting sideways in the yellow chair - seeing that chair all the time makes me want to talk my grandma out of her blue one!

    Finally - I adore all the amazing vintage things you and Anna find - help me shop please and thank you!!!


  3. very nice pictures ^^ I love them ;)

  4. Sarah these are AMAZING, completely AMAZING.

    and I prolly tried those shoes on when erica had them in chi last weekend, looooove them.

  5. umm sarah it's later in the week :)