21 July 2010


Let me tell you about one of my favorite stores in the universe, In God We Trust NYC. When I was in New York this past spring I was running my husband and buddies Lindsey and Dustin all around looking for all of these stores that I shop at online.
I wanted to go to Oak.
I wanted to go to Opening Ceremony.
I wanted to go to Pixie Market.
I (of course) wanted to go to Topshop.

You get the point, I wanted to go to the real stores!

In God We Trust "Horse Bit Socks", $25

But as the story many times goes, the online store ends up being much more amazing than the real thing. During this manic day, we happened to walk by a store with a little flag that said "In God We Trust" on it. I peeked in, cute salesgirls...ok lookin' good so far. I start to scan the front window and see these little beauties on a mannequin, fittingly named, "Horse Bit Socks" (pictured above). Lindsey and I both bought them and disgustingly, I wore them for like two weeks straight. So many ladies asked where they could get them, and there you go (go for it and order me the red ones for my finder's fee!).

Back to my love affair for this store, sadly, everyone wanted to move on and I have so many regrets about things I didn't buy (they had the perfect high-waisted, military green, perfectly fitting shorts that for some reason, I hesitated on).
However, I checked out their small online store when I returned and they have a couple of jewelry items that I really liked when I was there, such as...

In God We Trust "Best Fuckin' Friends Necklace" in sterling silver, $200

In God We Trust "Sweet Nothings Necklace", $40

The "Sweet Nothings Necklace" comes with 22 slightly vulgar optional sweet nothings, such as, "Crazy Sexy Cool" (my personal fav, Oooh on the TLC tip!), "Sweet Tits" (this one is calling my friend Laura's name), "Balls to the Wall", "Eat a Dick", "Let's Make Out" and some that frankly, I just can't name. You can see all the wonderful options here.
So next time you're in NYC or near it, take a cab to In God We Trust. I hope you'll love it like I do.

While we're at it, what are your favorite NYC boutiques?

Xo Rah

P.S. Siiiiiiike (is that still cool to say?)! Not really over, here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip, enjoy!


  1. So glad to find a fellow Omaha girl who is in LOVE with In God We Trust!!! I was just there 3 weeks ago and those little necklaces stole my heart. Must go back and acquire one ;)

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