12 July 2010


This spring I had a chance to participate in a music video with some of my loveliest friends for The Mynabirds, which is Laura Burhenn's new band (formerly of Georgie James).  "What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood" is the title of the Mynabird's first record, available now on Saddle Creek.  It was so much fun to participate, I mean really, isn't it every girl's dream to smash cake in the faces of their friends?

The whole process and styling of the video was amazing, we filmed for almost a whole day but everything was edited down to about two minutes to fit with the video's song, "Let the Record Go". This song is one of, if not my favorite song on this record. Laura's voice is so beautiful it's almost haunting.
Most of the clothing for this video was vintage and it was all our own. I showed up that morning with two giant bags and a suitcase full of clothing, shoes and accessories (gloves, furs and almost ALL of my jewelry) and the rest of the girls did the same. Hair was done by Jessica Brown of Halo Studios in Omaha. In the end a few gloves and things were sacrificed due to the nature of the video (HELLO, CAKE FIGHT) but it was so worth it.

Here are some additional photos taken by Anna, Laura and Jess between filming, enjoy!

Pre-Cake Fight
'Aint nobody here but us chickens, havin' a tea party
From the Left: Anna Rafferty, Jessica Ewald, Laura Burhenn, Susan Sanchez and Me

Isn't Susan's hat incredible? It was completely covered in feathers.


Stepford wives?

Can I live in this apartment please?

Post-Cake Fight
What? Do I have something on my face?!

XoXo Rah


  1. I love it! What an amazing thing to be a part of!

    You all look so stunning!

    p.s. I want Anna's dress!!!

  2. i love everything but that feather hat is amazing!

  3. Great post, http://145thandchloe.blogspot.com/ I know you'll love it xoxo